Though I'm a broad-based counselor and psychotherapist, my primary focus is sex therapy and sexual/relational problems at all stages of life.  Areas of expertise include sexual dysfunction (including low desire or desire discrepancies in couples, rapid or delayed ejaculation and erectile dysfunction in men, and sexual interest or arousal problems, painful sex, or orgasm difficulties in women), adolescent issues, paraphilias and compulsive/impulsive sexual behavior (a.k.a. "sex addiction").

I support a “sexological” rather than an “addictionological” approach to problematic sexual behaviors, especially with couples, as I find the currently popular “sex addiction” treatments to be often destructive and obstructive to helping couples to heal and move through crisis as partners and, hopefully, lovers.  I have found sex therapy to be far more effective, in much shorter periods of therapy, than typical “sex addiction treatment,” and rarely, if ever, feel that in-patient treatment is warranted to treat what often feels like out-of-control sexual behavior or distressing arousal or fantasy patterns.

I also train medical and mental health professionals in the practice of sex therapy, as Director of the Modern Institutes for Sex Therapy Training in Boca Raton, FL and New York City, at the Faculty House at Columbia University, and also in web-based formats.

I am certified by AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors & Therapists) as a Certified Sex Therapist and Certified Supervisor of Sex Therapy.  I offer clinical case supervision to those clinicians seeking to become certified sex therapists, and am also a Qualified Supervisor for Florida mental health counselor interns.

I encourage working in an "integrated practice model" with urologists, gynecologists, psychiatrists, endocrinologists, nurse practitioners and pelvic floor physical therapists, especially with patients suffering sexual dysfunction as a result of injury, chronic illness, medication side effects, surgery, chemotherapy/radiation, etc.

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